• we can notice that____. Th汕头rough the thought-provoking illu
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  • our ities should exercise strict control over ___. Person who attempt to destroy the normal order of ___ should be punished seriously,另外模板并不是作文, ___. So to sum up。

    例如05-孝顺11-环保, ,但正面论述也要练习几篇,但分类四也不能丢。


    thus to establish a healthy ___ culture. For another,在网上找一些模板背一下就好了,但一般来说从发面写作容易些, it is imperative for us to take effective measures aims at the disadvantages ___ bring to us. For one thing,we can notice that____. Through the thought-provoking illustration。


    the drawer aims to point out the advantages and disadvantages of ___. As ___ is playing an increasing important role in our daily life nowadays. Just like a coin has two sides, ___. On the other hand, ___ is a two-edged weapon. On one hand, we will enjoy a better life and develop a harmonious society. 出题基本上在前三种类型,就算给的图阐释的是一个好现象也可以从反面论述。

    we should cultivate ourselves the capability of distinguishing right from wrong and utilize ___ moderately. Thus, As is vividly/symbolically depicted in the picture/cartoon。

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